About Us



Kristine is a second year bioengineering major at UCSD. She is interested in researching space physiology and currently serves as a lab assistant at UCSD’s Clinical Physiology Lab to understand the physiological effects of living under different environmental conditions like microgravity. Her other interests include getting young girls excited about science and educating others about the realities of homelessness in the greater San Diego area. Kristine also enjoys hiking, reading, and going to the beach after class.



Richard is a second year mechanical engineering major at UCSD. He’s currently a member of Triton Rocket Club (TRC) where he is trying to help his school become the first university to successfully launch a rocket into space. He is also passionate about all things space and is trying to pursue a career in propulsion systems. His other interests included skateboarding and playing the drums.



Kyle is a second year mechanical engineering major at UCSD. He currently works in a nanoengineering research lab under Dr. Joseph Wang. There he works in collaboration with post-docs, graduate students and other undergraduate researchers in novel studies of the micro to nano-scale world. In his free time Kyle enjoys tinkering with arduino based maker projects primarily based upon controlling leds. His other interests include llamas and running.



Euan is a second year mechanical engineering major at UCSD. He’s currently in the UCSD cycling team and enjoys tearing bicycles down to each individual parts to understand how they function in great synergy. He wishes to work under Shimano to develop more efficient components and more aerodynamic frames for racers and bike enthusiasts alike. His other interest includes researching about new advancements in the mobile tech industries and learning how to code. During his free time, he likes to go on bike rides, run, Netflix and eat rice.


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