Education Outreach

We believe that education outreach is crucial for any type of science research. Especially when it comes to designing an instrument to be used in outer space, outreach serves as a great opportunity to inform the public about science advancements. We chose to target elementary school students because they have had little science education and are just now being exposed to the many different fields of science. Through collaboration with a local elementary school to UCSD, we plan on carrying out these activities with 3rd-5th grade students.

These activities are planned (but not limited) to include:

  • Easter egg “asteroid” hunt: Students find and collect easter eggs to later categorize them as asteroid, meteor, or comet while also learning about their properties and origins.
  • Buoyancy experiment: Students learn about buoyancy and its correlation to the shape of an object and its connection to microgravity research.
  • Paper rocket contest: Students are given the same types of material to create a paper rocket which will later be launched and demonstrates the cost of space flight.
  • Grappling competition: Students learn more about the Micro-g NExT competition and the UCSD students’ project by collecting rocks using objects of different shapes and sizes.

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