5 July 16 – Thank You!


Test Week 1 Micro-G NExT Group

Now that finals are all wrapped up and we have some time to reflect on this project, we want to extend a huge thank you to everyone that supported us on this journey. Overall, this experience is unmatched to anything else. To go from a design concept to testing in the NBL, the entire project was surreal. As up and coming engineers, this hands on approach is exactly what excites and motivates us.

So what’s happened since the last update? We finished up testing and all the fun events at JSC, we did some fun buoyancy experiments at Space Day at the Air and Space Museum in San Diego, and we submitted our final report to the team at Micro-g NExT. Below are some pictures!


Open Pavilion at San Diego Air and Space Museum



Team Photo at Space Day


26 April 16 – NBL Testing


Team REKK at the rover rock yard

We made it! Houston has been a blast. Today we finished our testing in the NBL. It was an invaluable experience and we learned much about the engineering process and how to iterate our design. More detailed posts coming soon.

The Micro-g NExT team put together a great tour this morning. We were able to play with the glove box to learn more about the physical constraints astronauts have in an EVA suit, we looked at lunar rock samples, and we got to drive in the Mars Rover at JSC. All in all, a busy couple of days but it’s been well worth it.

For the coming days, we are putting together a final presentation to sum up our experience and what we’ve learned. Our final design and prototype will be posted soon!

13 April 2016 – Houston Bound

13009988_1099479393437457_343466144_o.jpg           12970550_1330654123614832_326571558_o.jpg

Pictures from 3D printing parts for our new design

We are so excited to travel to Houston on April 24th! Over the past month, we’ve updated our Test Equipment Data Package (TEDP) with a new design. This process has taught us immensely about the engineering process. We found that through iterations of our previous design that we had to make some big changes. A huge thank you to JSC engineers and our mentor for working with us and providing feedback for how to best tackle fabrication and testing. We’re working hard to finish this up and have a successful test week in Houston.

Be sure to check back at this page to see updates as we move on to the next step!

09 March 2016 – San Diego Science and Engineering Festival


We had such a great time at Petco Park last weekend helping out the San Diego Air and Space Museum and talking to students about science. Great turnout and many were interested in our project. Thanks to everyone who showed up and supported our team!

28 February 2016 – Finishing up the prototype


Kristine Khieu and Richard Valle holding metal parts for the RECC

It’s been a productive week for Team REKK. We are nearly done with our prototype to send to Houston. Ran into some problems with fabrication and testing, but we are working out the kinks and always improving our design.

The big TEDP is due tomorrow and we have been running through safety evaluations to make sure our instrument is NBL ready. Tomorrow we will also be jumping into the pool at UCSD to see how the RECC holds in chlorine water.

This weekend we will be at PETCO Park to help out the San Diego Air and Space Museum and to showcase our project. We will be displaying a poster with our project and discussing with students and science educators about what we do and why we love it.

Excited to finish up our prototype and ship it off to Houston in the coming weeks!

07 February 2016 – Building

We are part of the first group to test in Houston in late April, so we have until the end of the month to submit our TEDP (Test Equipment Data Package). This requires us to finish building and testing our design. We are racing to build this instrument and meeting as often as possible to work out all problems.

Wish us luck! Duct tape should help.


Team REKK will be at PETCO Park at San Diego’s biggest science festival on March 5. Please come out to support us and learn some fun science!

24 January 2016 – January Updates


Team REKK on our first Home Depot Run

Less than 3 months left! Over this past month, our main focus was to finalize our design and to begin prototyping. We got the exciting opportunity to talk with our Johnson Space Center faculty mentor about EVA instruments and what to expect when we get to Houston.

Through the Micro-g NExT program, we also got to attend an online infosession where we got more details for what is expected from us and we learned about what NASA is working on to get us to Mars!

What’s up next? Time to build and test.

Here is our Facebook page with fun pictures and updates: https://www.facebook.com/ucsdrekk/


16 December 2015 – Micro-g NExT Finalists


We are excited to announce that our team has made it! UCSD’s Team REKK is going to Houston in late April with our Rock Extraction Chipping Container. After months of early meetings, our work has paid off and we are officially finalists in NASA’s 2016 Micro-g NExT Program.

As we continue forward, this website will contain updates on our design process and plans for executing education outreach plans. Although we will not be going to JSC until late April, we already hit the ground running with plans for fundraising and modifying our design.

We hope you enjoy our updates and follow along with us on this journey!